System Analysis & Design

I had the pleasure of learning from a professor who herself has had the privilege of meeting and spending time with the creator of ENTITY RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAMS! Peter Chen. Her 25+ years of research and pedagogy enabled a successful and fluid transference of skills and knowledge. Grades were least of my concerns once i was in this class. I was so engrossed in how by literally drawing on paper one can become proficient at coding a process, system or procedure. Not needing to write a single line of code and still being able to understand how logic of coding is obtained from object oriented modeling opened my eyes to a new horizon.

I learned how to model entities in a business, how to understand what attributes are important and what factors need to be paid attention to, how cardinalities are determined and how different entities are viewed while modeling processes. What struck a chord with me was the symmetric nature and simplistic tendency of efficiently designing a system by determining which business functions are linked and how they share their data.

After this we proceeded to learn about how to design use cases, state transition diagrams and finally be able to improve the procedures and protocols a system follows, saving a company time and hence money.

Something our Professor Zhang told us before dismissing our class for the final time, stuck with me. “Once you learn how to think like an analyst, you will always be analyzing everything around you.”

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