My Background

My name is Samiran Ghosh Roy, people call me Sam, for those who like to address me by my full name the ideal pronunciation would be Samirán.

I come from a family of doctors and servicemen. Ever since I was young I would always take my toys apart and struggle to put them back together. This tendency led me down a road of curiosity and developing a keen sense of observation. Being interested in sports and music led me to try my hand at understanding the science of waves, sounds, signals and systems.

Soon after my interest in these domains along with the sudden expansion of technological capabilities of humans, led me to being very curious about how Data and Technology can be leveraged to further musicians careers and the value of athletes. This brought me to Syracuse University to pursue my Master of Science degree in Information Management. A place where i am learning how to leverage tools, techniques and programming languages in conjunction to further better an organizations business processes and revenue.

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