Data Analysis & Decision Making

Learning how to think like a decision scientist was something i learned over this past year. We were taught how to code, how to think critically and how to analyze data. We never thought of approaching the science of analyzing data from the point of view of a statistician.

Over the course of a semester, I had the pleasure of understanding business impacts of frequency distributions, plots, trend models and learned how to look at probability in a new light. My respected professor Anna Tchernobai gave me profound knowledge which was so implicit that several students missed out on the true course value.

It was about gaining conceptual knowledge and comprehending the reason for applying certain analysis techniques and tools. Not did i learn how to apply these techniques but most importantly i learned how to interpret them.

Among the techniques i learned how to formulate a hypothesis and mathematically check if it is plausible or not, to determine confidence intervals of values which are integral to a business function and to determine the confidence level with which these predictions can be made. I learned how to forecast data using time series modeling and how to operate tools such as Palisade StatTools, Analysis ToolPak and several other methods and functions.

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