Current Pursuits

It is 2019. I have come a long way in just a year. Compared to the level of awareness i was at last year, Now I feel a much more stronger and evolved version of myself. I learned how to speak confidently, clearly, articulate my thoughts and ideas clearly. To give clarity to those around me about my ideas and be more receptive to others.

I have increased the challenging nature of the topics and subjects I am pursuing, currently learning Big Data Analytics, using Python, PySpark, Scikit, Matplolib, NumPy, Pandas and Hadoop to analyze large data sets, images, and develop supervised and unsupervised models and interpret them, I am intrigued by the fluidity of Python and have begun to like it more than R off late. I am also pursuing external certifications from Udemy and Coursera in relation to Machine Learning, Python, Keras and somehow managing to squeeze some time in my schedule to learn classical guitar from the same platform.

In addition to it being a member of the reputed iSchool Graduate organization, I am facing my most challenging semester so far in graduate school, taking demanding courses, being involved in student organizations, having to work 20 hours a week, pursuing 2 external projects in the form of an assistanship and being a part of the iConsult Collaborative team, as well as 4 academic projects, 3 of which are essential to my course and one is a course i am auditing to learn more about.

Enterprise IT Consultation is currently one of the most interesting courses this semester for me, i am learning and growing every week and along with learning how to think logically and critically i am being able to apply this thinking practice to my course in Big Data Analytics, as well as Data Warehousing. Enterprise Risk Management is one of the courses I have this semester too which i truly enjoy because of learning about your own tendencies and i learned recently that i am a ‘Balanced Risk Taker’. Each week the scenarios we are presented with and having to work with real clients in the industry, being assigned to Advisory Professionals from large consulting corporations and keeping up with scripting and coding as well as thinking about data from an organizational perspective, not only an analysts perspective has really gelled well for me, each of these subjects seem to complement each other and what i learn each week i apply to alternate functional areas the following week.

I am embracing the challenges that are coming my way in order to grow and become stronger and more informed.

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